Q Can i install my Synthetic Grass myself...?


A YES, By simply following our Do It Yourself Guide and follow the links to YOUTUBE to get a better understanding of your new Synthetic Grass Installation process before you begin.


Q Is the Synthetic Grass Pet Friendly...?


A YES, Most definitely your new Artificial Lawn will be Heavy Metal Free

& easy enough to clean up after aswell.


Q How much Glue do i use when i joining my grass seams...?


A When using the notched trowel make sure you put a nice evenly distributed coat without going over the edge of the joining tape and getting the base material in the trowel! It can get messy.


Q How much Warranty do i recieve on my new Artificial Lawn From SSG...?


A We offer All our Customers a 12 Month Warranty on there Installation WIth the option of and extended Warranty for a further 6 Months, That's just to give our customers the peice of mind dealing with Sydney Synthetic Grass When purchasing a new Artificial Lawn, Were confident in our workmanship!


Q Can i buy the Material i need to Install the Grass myself...?


A Yes we at Sydney Synthetic Grass like to think we go the extra mile for our DIY customers and provide all the  Adhesive - Glue, Joining Tape, Knife to cut including Blades, Artificial Grass Pins, We can even organise your Skip Bin & Base Material to be delivered to you location and save you the hassle.Simply Call us Today for Pricing on our Products and delivery fees may be applied.Check out our ON SALE NOW PAGE


Q I purchased some new turf, and it just wont grow. Can you tell me why Artificial grass is perfect for my area?


A Artificial Lawns is perfect in any area, and to answer why your natural grass will not grow, it could possibly have to do with Soil, Light, Density, Drainage and various other reasons. however most common its due to not enough sunlight, water, airation, alot of hard work & matainence. The benefits to synthetic grass and most importantly no water, no weeding, no sunlight or shading issues- and it looks good all year round, while your saving time & money.


Q  How do I clean my artificial lawn?


A Very Simple process. A rake, or if you have on hand a electric blower.  








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